1How far is it to Yosemite National Park?
We are located just 16 miles or approximately 25 min from the south entrance of YNP. If you are heading to the Valley or Glacier Point it will be another hour. It is a scenic drive with various different trails and lookout points along the way.
2Is your place shared with other guests?
If you are renting the house only or the studio only then it is possible there may be other guests in the adjoining unit. The front fire pit, backyard with table and BBQ, and hammock circle are all shared spaces.
3Where should I park?
Two cars fit nicely on the concrete slab with the cars front-end facing the house.
4Is there hiking and nature in the area outside of YNP?
Yes! You do not need to go into YNP to find beautiful trails. There is lots of hiking around Bass Lake, in Nelder Grove, and at Lewis Creek.
5What else is there to do in the area?
Yosemite Oaks is located 10 minutes from Bass Lake where you will find plenty of water sports during the warmer months. You may also be interested in wine tasting along the Madera Wine Trail. There many art galleries in the community, as well as historical sites such as Fresno Flats and Sugar Pine Railroad.
6Do I need chains in the winter?
It’s possible that you may need chains to get into Yosemite! Always come prepared for ice and snow in the colder months.
7What grocery stores are nearby?
There are both Vons and Raleys just minutes from Yosemite Oaks. Also,if you need a pharmacy there is a Rite Aid around the corner from us.
8Does that firewood in the back belong to you?
Yes, that is for our own personal use. We will supply you with the first stack of wood and then it is up to you to purchase more if need be. Both Vons and Raley's have firewood for sale.
9What toiletries are available?
We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion.
10Do you have salt, pepper, and other seasonings in the house?
Yes! We have an entire spice rack! We also have oils, coffee, and all your kitchen pots, pans, and kitchen basics. Get cookin’! If you're not in the mood to cook, we have an abundance of restaurants nearby.
11How do I control the heater/cooling system in the house?
The heater is the manual thermostat that has the lever that moves right to left. You will want to set it to 70 when you arrive in the colder months. Please put it back to 50 before you go.

The cooler is the digital box on the far right. It’s pretty comfortable if you set it to 80 and turn on the fans in the hotter months.
12How do I use Alexa?
You will find a list of commands on the refrigerator if you are staying in the house and a list of commands on the breakfast table if you are in the studio.